Monos Hospital


Monos Group


Hospital /exterior/

Project date





Dalanzadgad, Omnogobi

Design company

Izmone LLC


Amartuvshin. O, Khosbayar. P



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  • Lore

    Nothing in this cartoon is more offensive than the regular MSM cartoon. I'm pretty sure that nobody, Roy included, would have found any reason to take note of it were it not for the fact that it deals with the always offended suesimsivesMb, I actually find it funny. And I do think that the fact that cult of the always offended are, well, offended by this sort of satire should be exploited to the max.The situation is far too serious to be squeamish about ..... cartoons. Use them. Deconstruct Islam. Create cognitive dissonance.

    2016-04-28 15:02:37