Churchill’s Co., Ltd


Churchill’s Co., Ltd


Private Cottage area /Concept/

Project date




Bayanzurkh district, Ulaanbaatar

Design company

Izmone LLC


Amartuvshin. O, Khosbayar. P



  • ByronAbnob

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    2017-05-30 17:34:00
  • Darold

    Ya know, I really love Sherlock as a song, even though I totally agree with u on the ye/llngiloudness issue and the fact that Clue and Note are too similar. My 2nd fave song on the album is Honesty. I actually think this mini album is pretty good, except I find Stranger to be totally boring. I’ll admit, I <3 Shinee with the passion of a thousand suns (ok maybe a tad less) but u almost made me fall out laughing when u referred to Minho as "that fool". In fact, this whole review was amusing and I am now ur fan for life.

    2016-04-28 15:02:59